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The bathroom is the size of a low income house in most civilized worlds.

No one but myself and the cleaning slaves are allowed in.

Teachers and students can work anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

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My tenure in the work bedroom leaves them with the closest thing to a vacation.

Furniture is on standby, the art may retire to their rooms for most of the day, and few, if any, beatings and rapings are administered. But each and every slave I have ever trained has known the other end of this time as well.

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Riding horses, racks, anything I'd like to use in order hurt one of my well behaved slaves for a night of pleasant agony. The estate staff knows that when I take up residence, I have my mind on training a girl and little else. I've just had Baby have to room turned over so that it will be ready for me.

I intend to stay five to six days, uninterrupted downstairs.

Suffice to say, were Mary not as wealthy as I, she would have been my first choice in disciplinarian. The short, awkward steps which heralds Baby's approach. " Without looking up, I address my most loyal of whores.

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