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The interior features a row of five (5) stylized birds, with speech symbols expelling from their beaks.

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The dipper fits perfectly into the opening atop the container.

They were also cultural icons and were revered in various spiritual and fertility rites.

In excellent condition with no breaks, cracks, chips or restoration of any kind.

Purchased from in 2002 via consignment by Anthropos Gallery of Laguna Beach, CA.

The head of the figure contains a hidden whistle with a clear and very loud tone.

The burnished surface shows deposits along with minor surface wear as is typical.

The background is covered with raised dots representing rainfall.

The front chamber shows a lord (ruler) inside a temple.

This monochromatic blackware vessel has a burnished surface with linear areas more highly burnished across the snout to indicate the animal was wearing a harness (domesticated).

One small spout chip has been restored, otherwise it is completely intact and original.

Covered overall in an orange-pink slip with very light surface wear and scattered manganese deposits present.

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