Who is david sontag dating

Was part of you unconcerned about whether this was a good idea?

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She liked to think of herself as David’s “goofy older sister.” It wasn’t neediness that made her want to keep David with her, she’d tell people, but her enormous love for him.

You talk about how your writing changed after you had this experience with Susan.

It’s both embarrassing and hilarious to remember it now.

You don’t sit there at twenty-five, unpublished, inexperienced, and respond to Susan Sontag’s editorial suggestions like a little snot, rejecting every one of them.

I was really taken by those passages where you describe her giving you changes and advice on your fiction and you don’t accept it. I was trying to write, but nothing was really working out.

And the whole time I was living with Susan and David, I wasn’t able to write.

Susan wanted the three of us to do everything together.

As I say in the book, I can hardly remember times when David and I went out alone.

Also, David was still in school at the time, and he was financially dependent on Susan.

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