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When he tried to buy the gift card, an employee at the convenience store convinced him not to after hearing his story.

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If the matching proves to be successful, the page will be returned to customized menu 3, otherwise customized menu 2 will be matched until a menu has been successfully matched.

Based on these matching rules and in order to avoid confusion about effective menu times, we decided not to provide a customized menu editing API.

JSON data packet returned when the matching is correct is given as follows, and the code generated when the matching is incorrect is described in the instructions on API return code.

But uniquely, there are functions that allow you to speak to a group of friends (turning your phone into a walkie-talkie) and to chat one-on-one using quick audio snippets instead of text — extremely useful when you’re too distracted to concentrate on writing an SMS, or if you’re writing in Chinese characters, which takes longer using a standard alphabet.

We Chat provides a personalized menu API through which developers can allow different users to see different menus.

This API is open to verified Subscription and Service accounts.→ Click here to download a list of all available regions.The following codes can be used with the https://api.com/cgi-bin/menu/delconditional?In such scams, perpetrators try to trick victims into giving them online credits or gift cards used for making purchases, often in exchange for sexual favours.In Mr Chen's case, the construction worker said he had met several people who appeared to be young women on social media platforms.Developers can set the menus seen by users by matching against the following attributes: Also covers information about updating customized menus.

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