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The single biggest one is this hobby is no longer a super expensive, difficult, and almost elitist form of RC flight like it once was.

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Saving you time and money, but above all, I want you to have brilliant FUN in your RC helicopter journey so you will passionately want to stick with the hobby for years to come.

:-) arge turbine powered collective pitch RC helicopters such as shown above are mechanically and electronically complex.

Micro sized collective pitch radio controlled helicopters have likewise revolutionized the hobby because of their low cost.

They are just as challenging to fly (if not more so); but don't think you have to spend a couple thousand dollars like we once had to.

A site dedicated to helping people new to the hobby in a friendly, inviting, and informative manner.

So sit back, grab a beverage, and lets start having a little "I've been flying RC (radio controlled) helicopters for almost 30 years and have seen so many advances in this fun hobby.Collective pitch RC helicopters have taught me and many others so much about aerodynamics, physics, mechanics, and electronics (in a very fun way I should add) over the years, and I'm still learning new and fascinating stuff almost daily!That aspect of the hobby alone is somewhat priceless and the older I get, the more I appreciate its value.If you can't find a particular topic, feel free to use the search bar located on the top of each page. Many of these features are for the technically minded advanced user.Unfortunately, there is also a good deal of junk out there that will add to these frustrations.

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