Us expat dating in singapore

Several budget airlines offer affordable fares to neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Sometimes planning a trip at the last minute can result in extremely cheap airfare.

Pedestrians do not have the right of way in Singapore, so it's a smart idea to use crosswalks whenever possible.

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There are many good public schools in Singapore which are affordable and provide a high quality of education.

Private international schools are also a great choice, especially if one wants their child to continue with a school system from their home country.

Even those that live in a free-standing home will find that backyards are rarities, but there are lots of green spaces and parks around the island to make up for it.

Whether expats want to rent an HDB (government-owned) flat or a privately owned condo, they’ll have lots of choice.

Use the Park Connector pathways when possible to avoid the dangerous roads.

There are several online forums and Facebook groups that provide both expats and locals with the opportunity to come together over shared interests.

There are a number of private hospitals, public hospitals and outpatient clinics throughout the island to choose from.

Along with these facilities, there are also private medical practitioner clinics.

Landed homes (similar to single family homes in the US) can be found in the suburbs.

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