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Set aside time (twice a week for the first year) every week to fully communicate with one another about everything pertaining to your DD lifestyle. Expletive, cuss word, expletive, that woman can write! Jesus, and then I was like: And more pages happened and finally, after picking my heart back up and stuffing it back into my chest, I wanted to message Katie Miller and tell her her one hunch was wrong, but I was too busy being all this: But the most important thing to note — that “OMG I CAN GO ON IN LIFE!

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I told a few co-workers about my dream, about my words, and soon after that, a few started reading what I’d typed. I’d stare at my screen, hoping she would ignore whatever else she had going on to view my mails.

, as those were the first two words in the original manuscript. Fortunately for me, she’d read them and most of the time she’d edit and send back suggestions or we’d meet in my office and lunch to brainstorm.

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Domestic Discipline is the practice of a subtle Dominant and submissive type of lifestyle, with the emphasis on the relationship first, then and only then is spanking as a disciplinary action or punishment discussed.

Well, some scoundrels out there are, in fact, gaming the system.

For the rest of us honest folks (WHO LOVE AND LIVE BY AMAZON by the way), the relationships we’ve built are harming the ability to give an author an honest review. The following week, LU2 was still on the list at #18.Everyone lives their DD dynamic in an individualized way depending on the people and In 2005, when there was infighting in the DD community ADDS was founded as a place where everyone was welcome to discuss DD and not be judged for their differences.The ideas that DD could be summed up by one couple or a small group or that DD was confined by religion, gender or sexual identity and other divisions were broken.Things will be added and taken off through the passage of time.The Ti H List is an important part of the weekly Sit Down Discussions.specifically set aside for the Ho H and Ti H to sit down and discuss their relationship in a slightly more DD focused format then just chatting during the week or mentioning something in bed before sleep or at a dinner table.The “A Court Of…” books are what I can only describe as “Epic Fantasy Adventure Romance” with humans and faeries and scary things and people who are immortal and yet are “other” and follows a robust cast of characters through worlds so vivid and bright and full of texture, you sort of want to move there. And then, overnight, something mysterious happened. Poof, about 75 reviews disappeared into the nether. I created a Tweet and was pleasantly shocked Amazon replied to it within 40 minutes of my pressing that post button: For months, I’ve seen readers and our awesome blogger community post that their reviews were being rejected, removed, with little to no explanation.

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