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No more fighting the monkey—he was going to get exactly what he wanted.

I had figured out life, and I moved to LA to write movie scores.

I never missed a deadline, but I only did anything the night before it was due.

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I was doing a lot of things and not giving my all to any of them.

It was around then that my best friend Andrew moved to LA. He lives and breathes business, with no interest in pursuing anything in the arts, and ever since I met him when we were five, his monkey has been a tame little bitch who does what he’s told.

I decided to dive in, and building off of what I had started, we founded a new tutoring company together.

The RDM still wrestled with the decision to put a pause on the music side of things, but the company was growing quickly, being in business with Andrew was a great time—like playing a complex strategy game with your friend—and the RDM finally started to feel okay about becoming totally wrapped up in business.

Which was the monkey’s cue to become an avid blogger.

I had been casually blogging for a few years at that point, but business taking off was just what the monkey needed to kick his new writing hobby into full gear, and over the next few years, I wrote hundreds of blog posts in my off hours.There was definitely an Instant Gratification Monkey1 in my head, but he was cute more than anything.With deadlines looming constantly, my Panic Monster2 was never fully asleep, and the monkey knew that while he could have some time at the wheel each day, he wasn’t the one in charge.Just when I was sure I had found myself, the monkey began soul searching.When the RDM and I would sit down at the piano to write something—the exact activity the monkey spent college with—the monkey would throw a fit and refuse to join us.Without deadlines to occupy him, my Panic Monster, who can’t think too far ahead, began to spend a lot of time in hibernation.

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