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You can yell at me for that later -- and also tell me I was wrong and that releasing so many ads before the game didn't make one bit of difference to marketers or consumers. Last year's multidimensional, intergalactic space epic for the Optima left me feeling cold. But instead of sock monkeys and other stuffed critters, this year's ad is chock-full of celebrities—well, celebrities to straight men of a certain age.And the ending is a nice twist on your typical testosterone-laden football ad, bringing us from kick-ass to "Awwww, you guys! The first response to this commercial, in which a second head is singing that he wants this particular car, will be this: WTF? Stunt Anthem shows the Sonic performing outrageous stunts including bungee jumping, skydiving, kickflipping and making a music video with OK Go.

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But it's hard to harsh on Weego, the rescue dog in this spot from Mc Garry Bowen .

The last time Bud Light went this route, in 2008's "Bad Dog," it took a turn for the coarse with a crotch-biting mutt. Better yet, scruffy little Weego's name ties into the brand's tag line: "Here We Go." And just as you're maxing out on the warm and fuzzies, it closes with a plea to help rescue dogs.

This spot, starring Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno, trumps sibling Honda's for a couple of key reasons.

First, the Acura NSX is a jaw-dropping bit of automotive engineering.

It isn't long before Red M&M shows up and makes a fool of himself. Thankfully, this ad breaks the confines of yet another Samsung-on-Apple passive-aggressive hipster smugfest, offering us a ridiculous street carnival of a performance by "The Darkness" that sets the Apple flock free.

The ad is tied together nicely by LMFAO's "I Work Out." Yes, there are certain i Phone users who are little more than easy-to-herd sheeple, quick to proclaim individuality and freedom and peace and love while they happily build Apple into a company bigger than Exxon by paying too much for toys built by little Chinese kids. Too bad it takes a full 30 seconds before the fun starts.I'm not going to say that this is "Phantom Menace"—it's not. Forgot to tell you." Creative 1: "Well, we'd better think of something quick." Audi is another auto brand lucky enough to have visually striking cars.But it's certainly no "Empire Strikes Back." There's actually a perfectly fine Super Bowl ad in this spot, one about a chubby dog, past his prime, inspired by a Beetle to get in shape and regain his former glory. You can recognize those headlights almost immediately.Secondly, while the spot is over the top, it's not that hard to imagine the real-life Jerry Seinfeld duking it out with gearhead Jay Leno for the first NSX off the production line.The dog-retrieving-a-beer gag has been done by everyone from Strohs to, well, Bud Light.9 season premiere of reality show "Swamp People," which follows the lives of a few alligator hunters down in Louisiana.

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