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While setting up the debate, Hannity met a young journalist named Jill Rhodes, who was working as a columnist for the local Huntsville Times.

The two immediately hit it off, and after only three months, they were inseparable.

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Hannity, who had originally worked as a contractor for a home renovation company, was beginning his career in the media.

This was his first big radio gig, administering a debate for the 1992 Huntsville mayoral election.

It might have been cutting-edge when it was founded in 2006 (though probably not), but it feels like the product of a bygone era.

The FAQ page is blank, and the profile browser feels almost deliberately clunky.

Their romance blossomed when Sean solicited Jill’s idea as she was a journalist for Huntsville Times back then.

It was even noted that Jill was impressed by Scan following his voice mail messages and exchange of ideas.Despite Hannity’s admission, there is no evidence that the two have weakened as a couple.Think Progress has some clips from it, and wants you to know they are not parodies. In fact, after reading about it, I went and bought the domain name Date . Hannity happily obliged her, emptying his wallet for an engagement ring.Hannity and Rhodes faced one final obstacle before they could tie the knot: their pastor didn’t like Hannity.The Early Years Although little information is available on Hannity’s early relationships, he has revealed to the press that he was an active clubber and bartender during his youth.

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