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While Christmas shopping with Roz, he meets Faye's mother.Thinking Frasier is Jewish because she saw him buying a menorah for his son, Mrs.Moskowitz takes a liking to him and hooks him up with Faye.

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It quickly becomes apparent that she is deliberately prolonging the process while ensuring the maximum public humiliation for Niles.

At a social event held by Frasier, Mel finally pushes Niles to the limit; Niles publicly disowns "this sham of a marriage", and the two are quickly divorced. Charlotte Connor (Laura Linney) is a matchmaker recently arrived from Chicago and Frasier's final love interest on the series.

She is also responsible for Niles' compulsive furniture-wiping, as she told him stories when he was a child about earwigs laying eggs on all the furniture, which would hatch, crawl into his ears, and eat his brain.

In 2003 she meets Frasier by chance and soon starts dating Martin (whom she had a crush on as a teenager).

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She is fussy, neurotic, and fastidious, much like Niles.

Similarly, she's the sort of manipulative, controlling female Niles is attracted to (e.g., Maris).

Frasier initially hires her to set him up with someone following a particularly grim period regarding his romantic prospects.

Charlotte sends him on several bad dates but when they get to know each other, Frasier finds himself falling in love with her.

By the time Faye returns to Seattle towards the end of the season, Frasier was already dating a KACL marketing manager named Cassandra Stone (played by Virginia Madsen).

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