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I am an Alaskan who has spent years actually living in the bush. The Browns have scammed a multitude of vulnerable people for many years and owe tens of thousands of dollars to their victims. Here are a couple of excerpts: Billy never nor any of the Brown “boys” ever worked as commercial fisherman other than maybe a few days over the last 30 years.

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According to online records, Billy married Amora “Ami” Branson on June 16, 1979 in Fort Worth.

Those records indicate Billy was born in 1953 and Ami was born in 1964, which means he was roughly 11 years older, and Ami was either 14 or 15 years old when they were wed.

A group of locals have been hired to build their cabin and a couple are acting as bear guards.

The land is being leased by Discovery from a local family and it is about a 20 minute boat ride from town. That last comment may seem a bit harsh, but there is an Alaskan Bush People Facebook Group with numerous people claiming to be victims, or to know of victims, of the Brown family over the last couple decades.

Accompanied by a professional camera crew, they will be filming this 57 day journey for a TV documentary to be aired nationally and internationally in early 2009.

So they were returning to the Alaskan bush to “re-create the journey described in the book”?

They’ve developed their own accent and dialect, refer to themselves as a ‘wolf pack,’ and at night, all nine sleep together in a one-room cabin.” So: how accurate is ? From the evidence presented online it appears as though the answer to those questions are “not very” and “yeah, pretty much.” Before I get into sharing that evidence, let me head off some of the inevitable comments by stating that I fully realize reality TV producers have not taken an oath to present only situations and people who are 100% “real.” I further know the main purpose of these shows is to entertain. That being said, it is clearly of interest to a large part of the show’s viewership (and potential viewership) to know just how much of the show is authentic and how much is staged, especially with a concept-driven premise such as this.

(As an exaggerated example, consider that finding out the boats on in 2007.

There are 1200 people living on that island and about 4 small towns.

They and the Discovery crew live in a lodge in Hoonah and only go to the land to film.

That description seems backed up by numerous Alaskans leaving comments on the show’s Facebook page and compiled by Stoopid, before those comments were deleted: Verified info from my local Hoonah sources: The crew and family have been primarily staying in Hoonah at the Icy Straits Lodge, and daily boating out to the site to film.

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