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Citizens can view the categories of crimes being reported and click on a specific incident to view the following information: Type the City or Area name in the Address field to display that specific area on the map.

Sex dating in carmichael california

If you feel you are a victim of an abusive relationship, please click here for more information For a list of resources of identfying abusive relationships please see below: UC Davis Violence Prevention Resources Filing a Report Get Support Campus Violence Prevention Program Counseling, crisis intervention, and advocacy for sexual assault, violence & stalking Behind TAPS, near the IM fields Contact: Marisa Messier, 754-6387, [email protected] Advocate pager: (916) 523-2419 For more information, click here.

Student Judicial Affairs SJA responds to reports of academic or social misconduct violations made by students and faculty. Phoenix Rising - CAPS This process-oriented group is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and/or sexual trauma experienced in childhood or as adults.

In the menus to the left of the screen, select Data Range to display options for selecting a time frame by interval (day, week, month), by selecting specific dates with a calendar widget, or to activate a slider that enables adjusting the date range with the slide of your mouse.

In the menus to the left of the screen, click Agency Layers to display the law enforcement agencies providing data for the area currently displayed on the map.

In addition, some event types are withheld to comply with the law and to protect the rights of victims in cases such as sexual assaults, crimes against children, domestic violence, and calls that are medical in nature.

Some case data may change if an ongoing investigation identifies more information about the crime.

Behind TAPS, near the IM fields Contact: (530) 752-3299 Emergency Response is provided to survivors who have been sexually assaulted within the past 72 hours.

To speak with the victim advocate immediately, please call the UC Davis Police Department Dispatch at 530-752-1727 and ask to speak to the CVPP victim advocate on-call.

The Sheriff’s Department uploads completed crime reports to Lexis Nexis on a daily basis.

The data does not include general calls for service or police activity where there was no crime report.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is contracting with the Lexis Nexis tool RAIDS Online to provide crime reporting, community awareness, and data transparency to the public.

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