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Talks are intended to appeal to a wide range of interests and levels of scientific background, conducted in an open and friendly atmosphere.

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Science of dating attraction

Never mind, just watch these videos of cockroaches running into things. Transition by head-on collision: mechanically mediated manoeuvres in cockroaches and small robots.

“Exceptional performance is often considered to be elegant and free of ‘errors’ or missteps.

or hook me up with some chow.” Reciprocal Trading of Different Commodities in Norway Rats.

“The prevalence of reciprocal cooperation in non-human animals is hotly debated.

Read More Although many people believe that dogs can read their owners’ emotions, it was only recently shown that dogs can visually differentiate between happiness and anger.

In fact, they are the first animals shown to discriminate emotions in another species.

These researchers found that “participants thoroughly enjoyed having experiences that were superior to those had by their peers, but that having had such experiences spoiled their subsequent social interactions and ultimately left them feeling worse than they would have felt if they had had an ordinary experience instead.” Enjoy your trip! “It has long been suspected that the illicit distribution of cocaine in the United States has led to a large-scale contamination of the currency supply.

Urban legend has it that “all” of our paper currency is tainted with cocaine. To investigate the extent of contamination, 418 currency samples (4174 bills) were collected from 90 locations around the United States from 1993 to 2009.

Instead of avoidance, animals use their passive body shape and compliance to negotiate challenging environments.

Cockroaches running at over 1 m or 50 body lengths per second transition from the floor to a vertical wall within 75 ms by using their head like an automobile bumper, mechanically mediating the manoeuvre.

Hitherto, there is no experimental evidence that animals other than primates exchange different commodities among conspecifics based on the decision rules of direct reciprocity.

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