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This stratigraphic approach also provides, for the first time, an appropriate framework for the development of an integrated, pan-European and potentially pan-Eurasian loess stratigraphic scheme.

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Since that time numerous investigations provided the basis for the pioneering stratigraphic framework proposed initially by Kukla (1970, 1977) in his correlations of loess with deep-sea sediments.

Loess–palaeosol sequences in the middle and lower reaches of the Danube River basin were a key part of this framework and contain some of the longest and most complete continental climate records in Europe, covering more than the last million years.

In summer, there are frequent showers and thunderstorms in the mountains.

The mild, sunny days of autumn linger from early September until late October.

A unified basin-wide stratigraphic model would greatly alleviate these difficulties and facilitate research into the wider significance of these loess records.

Therefore we review the existing stratigraphic schemes and define a new Danube Basin wide loess stratigraphy based around a synthetic type section of the Mošorin and Stari Slankamen sites in Serbia.Romania's average annual temperature is 11C (52F) in the south and on the coast, 2C (36F) in the mountains.In June, July and August, the hottest places in Romania are near the Black Sea coast, where average temperatures reach 24-30C.We present a detailed comparison with the sedimentological and palaeoclimatic records preserved in sediments of the Chinese Loess Plateau, with the oxygen isotope records from deep-sea sediments, and with classic European Pleistocene stratigraphic subdivisions.The hierarchy of Danubian stratigraphic units is determined by climatically controlled environmental shifts, in a similar way to the Chinese loess stratigraphic scheme.Water quality has been monitored since 1960, and air quality since 1973.

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