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After the click on the looked for nucleus Chart element using the smallest Chart scale all quadrupole moment Q and quadrupole deformation parameter Yu. Marinova*) Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141 980 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia *) e-mail: [email protected] This tableis a result of a combined analysis of two types of experimental data on nuclear charge radii.

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There is a way of extending XML schemas by adding new schema components to existing collections but it will not help if we need to replace a schema: We cannot drop schema collections and recreate them as they might be used by tables in your database.

The easy way is to change the XML columns using the collection to nvarchar(MAX), then drop and recreate the schema collection.

If one was used you must change the Object Qualifier line to match, otherwise leave it blank if no Ob Ject Qualifer was used.

By default Dot Net Nuke will be set to "Auto Upgrade", this means that the first user to hit the page on any portal within your DNN installation will trigger the upgrade process.

For example, if installing DNN v4 we change this line: After completing the above setup you are now ready to start the upgrade process. Once the page appears you should see a status screen that shows you the progress as the site is upgraded.

You will want to delete your app_file if you created one so that you can access your site again. At the end you should see an upgrade complete message with a link to your portal.

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Dot Net Nuke - DNN Upgrade Installation Options Dot Net Nuke Upgrade Instructions -- Dot Net Nuke problems logging in after upgrade solution If the DNN installation uses third-party modules that includes custom entries in the web.config file, the customer should consult with their vendor on the best way to perform an upgrade. You will need to confirm the overwriting of your files.

The updated values of nuclear charge radii in the present table differ from those in [Na94] due to changed input data on R and δ In the most cases, original papers on optical isotope shifts instead of review papers are used and treated with the necessary precaution.

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