Poems for a one year dating anniversary

Feel free to think outside the box too, you could do gift certificates (which are still usually printed on paper, though you might have to watch out for plastic gift cards), tickets to a local arts or sporting event, or even help them celebrate their wedding anniversary with paper gift certificates to restaurants or hotels. Other ideas might include personalized cards or calendars.

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Other around the house ideas for 1st wedding anniversary gifts are framed artwork, books on favorite subjects, or even his and hers magazine subscriptions.

Look around your own home for paper items you really appreciate yourself, and see if you can turn it into a first anniversary gift idea.

a romance of the sea romantic days and spent on ships that sail under deep blue skies and twinkling stars at night, the best time and scenery that could be had and seen by honeymooners between the moon and mars.

sightseeing, excursions and tours, sun, sand, surf in fun filled ports that are comparable in luxury and elegance to the best of the worlds five star resorts." a romance of the sea Paris will always belong to lovers Peering down upon elegant boulevards from the Arc de Triomphe lovers strolling along the Champs-Élysées imaginary strings, chords and sounds of violins begin to play, what more can one say.

sailing on majestic vessels that sail the seven sea’s.

enjoy the tropical ocean breeze on palatial floating palaces that roam the ocean sea, a happening for one and all to see and be, a vision, a home away from home, a treasure, a pleasure and a glee.

Never naughty,never bold, she possesses a heart filled of 100% gold.

And ever ready and willing to assist young and old.

A great 1 year anniversary gift idea might be giving the happy couple a framed photo from their wedding. Photos could also be from when they were dating, or even honeymoon photos.

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