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The sequel, developed by Maxis, takes place in a full 3D environment as opposed to the dimetric projection of the original game.

Sims also age through seven life stages from infancy to old age and subsequent death. Each Sim exhibits wants and fears according to its aspiration and personality.

All PC releases in this generation were developed by Maxis.

Consequently, the level of the aspiration meter determines the effectiveness of a Sim at completing tasks.

The fulfillment of wants provides aspiration points, which could then be used to purchase aspiration rewards.

For instance, the Goth family has aged significantly with Bella Goth mysteriously vanishing ("dying") at some point in the 25-year period.

Because the entire game has progressed from 2D sprites to 3D models, all content in The Sims 2 had to be created from the ground up.

Due to this, The Sims 2 was not made backwards-compatible with any content from the first generation of the main series.

However, some objects and features from the original series were remade for this sequel.The Sims is a life simulation game series that was developed by Maxis and The Sims Studio and published by Electronic Arts.The franchise has sold nearly 200 million copies worldwide, and it is one of the best-selling video games series of all time.Seven expansion packs and two bonafide deluxe editions with exclusive content have been released for this game.It was repackaged in several different formats, and different versions of it were released on several different platforms.The games in The Sims series are largely sandbox games, in that they lack any defined goals (except for some later expansion packs and console versions which introduced this gameplay style).

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