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Really, a little pedophilia is only tolerable in the fictional worlds spun by Tom Robbins, and otherwise, is no laughing matter. Would we have trusted our daughters around this kid because he had spent 4.5 months in jail? What of the tears shed by the Philbins at their son’s sentencing?

As the families of the victims expressed, the class of the crime (misdemeanor) did not adequately portray the seriousness of the offenses. Sex criminals and child abusers may get opportunities to rehabilitate themselves, but do they really, and really, who even cares anyway? Again, we think only his patrician status stood between him and some sort of charge that he had endangered the welfare of a minor, what with the wild liquor and rape party going down in his home, the rapes between his sheets.

Teammate Willie Colon, who was with Roethlisberger on the fateful night in Milledgeville, had this to say about the situation. Hopefully he learns from his and moves on.” We recommend reading the entire article, along with additional info from David Epstein, which eventually will be posted at

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But here we have a football coach neglectful of his family, bordering on criminally so, and another football brat, bent on criminal sexual deviance.

We aren’t one of the 10,000, so we didn’t know until the other day that this kid was a sex offender. That the judge for some reason didn’t make the kid register as a sex offender says more about the kid’s patrician status as the son of a Packer coach than it does about the truth. When we heard that the Philbin kid was fished out of that lake cold, we assumed it was another dysfunctional football family, good from far, far from good, religious but not moral, and that an attention deprived kid took his life.

We don’t despise Green Bay more than any other team that’s not a divisional opponent of the Jets, and nowhere near as much as Dallas, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Denver, Indy, or Washington.

It’s hard for us to mourn a kid who rapes little girls. Nor can we mourn for a family that created an environment in which little girls get passed out drunk and then are sexually assaulted in the bed where the head of the household sleeps.

“[H]e’s a good person who doesn’t want to be remembered as the kind of guy who’s being presented to the public right now,” Tollner said. In 2006, several months after Roethlisberger had suffered serious injuries due to riding a motorcycle without a helmet and then vowed to always wear a helmet in the future, KDKA-TV captured images of him riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

He shot a middle finger to the camera as he drove away.

The story never aired, possibly due to concerns that it would have disrupted the station’s relationship with the Steelers.

(KDKA broadcasts the team’s preseason games, and also is the local CBS affiliate.) 3.

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While a rep for the dating sites and personals say "they are good friends," multiple sources tell E!

He said he was hoping Philbin became his next head coach.

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