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There will be cake provided at the end of this experiment.

I just posted a base for the file that I was working on, If you know how to work with flash I could use some help.

I got started with Sonic fan-fiction, as well as others, but I. Fixed some stuff, thanks, all you sharp-eared maniacs.

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I do want to be popular once in a while, but it also take quite a lot of time. i played Yugioh back at home, but games like this usually start with a crappy deck.

Devon Exceon races against the clock to become close-friends with both of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash! Or settle for an intimate relationship with Pinkie Pie? Game Description: MLP, the Sim Date, puts you in the sho-uh hooves of either Twilight Sparkle or Fluttershy, the 'easy' and 'hard' modes, respectively.

I looked around, but there's nothing at all, no walls, no roof, not even a floor. The only thing here is me, and a text box floating in the air[ DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME? But somehow, the surprise only last for a few second. Well, I did want to play a game before I went to sleep last night, but it was already too late at night plus I am sleepy. It ask me if I want to play a game, of course I am. I touched the yes box and the texts change.[ PLEASE INSERT YOUR NAME ][ _ _]An extra box popped out, and Just like I was told, I typed my name to the box.[ C]As soon as I finished typing my name a new box show up.[ YOUR NAME IS [ ] IS THAT CORRECT? Well, At least they got the Jaune right…[ WELCOME TO THE GAME, GAMER JAUNE ]A new box appeared and unlike the previous one, this one began to fading all by itself and replaced by some new boxes.[ NEW GAME ][ FRIEND LIST ][ MESSAGES ][ OPTION }Friend List? They also have titles, Papa Jaune sounds like an oldman, Suicide Jaune is Emo? But when I tried to click it, there's an error message popping out, followed by a warning message about you can't access this feature yet.[ERROR][YOU HAVE NOT UNLOCKED THIS FEATURE YET]I can't access it for now. But this is not a normal game, so let's check it out.[ERROR][YOU HAVE NOT UNLOCKED THIS FEATURE YET]What? I clicked the box and a warning appeared.[ WARNING!

][ YES ] [ NO ]I choose yes and all the box disappeared. Is that mean there's another people having the same dream? Do they get their name randomly registered like me?

Chapter 1Game Start Have you ever wondered what's your life will look like if it's a game? But when I open my eyes, there's darkness every where. I went back to the main menu and went to the messages box, it'll be fun if we can contact each others dream. The last box is Option, I usually doesn't change the setting when I play a game. Without any other option left, I clicked New Game and a list of games genre appeared.[ First Person Shooter ][ Role Playing Game ][ Dating Sims ][ Fighting Game ][ Puzzle ][ Trading Card Game ][ Racing Game ][ Mons Series ][ Rhytm Game ][ Construction And Management Games ][ Mini Games ]I whistled in delight, I take back what I just said about this game. All of the options seems tempting For starter let's try RPG.

It was just a normal weekends, Pyrrha just went out for her morning jogs, Ren get dragged away by Nora to the cafeteria, and me? It's weekends and I finished all of the assignments we have, I deserve this rest. Despite all of the option, There's a chance that I can only choose one of these. But RPG will take a lot of time to finish, and I don't know when I will wake up from this dream.

After waiting for a few second, a new box appeared. I typed Jaune Arc, why is it registered as Gamer Jaune? Curiously, I clicked See Other Players and a list of name appeared.

Followed by some cheerfull back ground music.[ YOU HAVE BEEN REGISTERED AS GAMER JAUNE ][ SAVING… Let's see, there's three other player other than me and their name is… [online] [Papa Jaune ]-[ A loving father ][online] [Suicide Jaune ]-[ A Depressed Boy ][online] [Grimm King Jaune ]-[ The King of Grimms ]Why are all of their name are Jaune?

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