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A pair of frantic adult elephants saved a drowning calf in an incredible display of teamwork by the gentle giants.

The amazing footage has had more than 459,000 views since it was posted online on Friday - with many commentators expressing the impressive way the adults coped with the crisis.

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Over the next several decades, Koreans would gradually update and change the laws that they inherited from the colonial era to fit the changing times and circumstances..

Yet vestiges from the colonial law remain, for the simple reason that there are far too many of them to completely address and Korean people did not feel any particular urgency to change them. Having a higher age of consent may add some value, but not much, as there are plenty of laws in the book to punish virtually all types of sex crimes.

Korea first implemented a modern legal code in 1895, borrowing much from the Japanese code.

This code, however, was short-lived, as Imperial Japan annexed Korea in 1910 and imposed its own laws.

But help arrived when a second adult, who had heard the commotion, came rushing to the side of the pool.

The pair of adults seemed to communicate silently and decided they would only be able to reach the youngster if they entered the water from the shallow end of the pool.

We break these dimensions down into Core Traits and Vital Attributes – which really just means that we look at the things that are important to you and match you with other members who feel the same.

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