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Cooper said that some youth group members ran for leadership positions in order to be worth more points in the game.It did create a culture, a very tangible culture, of [student leaders] knowing that they were desirable because they have this rank, she said.The points system game seems be closely tied to the youth groups annual regional and national conventions, held annually in hotels in various cities across the country.

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At USY, which as part of the Conservative movement is opposed to intermarriage, you lose your points if you hook up with a non-Jew, as the Forward reported last month.

There is no such penalty in the version played NFTY, which as part of the Reform movement takes a more conciliatory approach to intermarriage.

They are speaking the language of the organization, said said Ari Y.

Kelman, a professor in the Stamford Graduate School of Education focusing on education and Jewish studies.

The game, which has existed since at least the 1990s, grows out an atmosphere of winking approval by youth group leaders for hookups among student members.

At various times, Reform Judaisms North American Federation of Temple Youth, the Zionist youth movement Young Judaea, the nondenominational BBYO, and the Conservative movements United Synagogue Youth have all had their own versions of the games.

Under the rules of the game, youth group members compete for points by hooking up with higher-ranking student leaders.

The sweep is the games most revered accomplishment, at least in one youth groups version. All it takes is making out with one person from each of the regions.

For wandering Jews left out in the cold on Christmas Eve, attending the Matzo Ball is a rite of passage.

More than 50,000 people have attended the annual Jewish singles event throughout its 26-year history — resulting in 20 marriages, an untold number of drunken hookups, and spinoffs in cities around the country.

But the specific rules of the points system conflates these attitudes with the hierarchical power structures common to the youth groups.

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