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It’s wonderful that so many family members want to visit your mother-in-law, and these connections are important to maintain for as long as possible.

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It is hard with family that care but don't understand the disease. You said she has "...dementia of some kind." Has she had a specific diagnosis, or are you going by her behavior?

Maybe if she had (if she doesn't have) a diagnosis stated and confirmed by a doctor, the rest of the family would sit up and take notice.

We are caring for my mother-in-law who has dementia of some sort.

What is your advice about people coming to visit our small house?

My mom is Stage 2 and I have lived with her for 10 years. When my brother and his wife came during the holidays mom was extremely confused. There was a lot more noise, more movement, clothes and things all over, change in meals.... I personally would do whatever it took to keep your care of her easier yet still give her time around people.

Maybe explain and ask that only the adults come and only one at a time or one adult and one child at a time.By working with this physician, we were able to access other doctors in areas of specialized care such as geriatric psychiatric care.We would meet at various time intervals along with mom and discuss what was taking place, how mom felt about her situation, and how to work through it.Sorry that the rest of the family isn't more supportive of all the work you are doing.It might be helpful if the suggestion to limit visitation came from your Mom's doctor or other professional person involved in her care - so you don't seem like the 'bad guy' to the rest of the family.Our adult children and grandchildren who visit frequently know what to expect and what they can do if they chose to help out.

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