Deutsche single girls video chats - I want to admit to adult game and chat sites

i hope you are provoked a little too and throw out some do you think? Yes there is a natural ebb and flow to the usage of the site although it's dropped quite a bit the past couple of years.We've been online for nearly 16 years and it's lasted far longer than many thought it would in 2001.

I want to admit to adult game and chat sites-89

I've tried creating general rooms and doing things with D/s but there just isn't the interest (at least long term) in the community to keep them sustainable.

I'm currently working on the code again to not only improve performance but with the goal to create a new hosting system where others can create and run their own "The Pork" and perhaps with some skin in the game some will step up and run their own site (we host you run) and we can create some sister sites to The Pork with different rule sets (i.e.

i hope you are provoked a little too and throw out some do you think?

thanks zanny for saying what some people have been thinking.nobody wants to be the one ranting about stuff, but then if nobody raises any issues, things can get thanks for the little rant. so here's my little rant.~g~i know some people have been participating in chat here at the pork for many years. it's a fascinating venue kudos to cradz and the others, like the graphics goddesses, who keep this this place going and enhance it.

I can only provide the platform and tools (ignore, make your own room etc) to combat some of this but largely (as you recognize) it's on the individual to shape their own reality.

Sadly the internet isn't what it once was as big money came in years ago and bastardized it. with net neutrality being attacked the big boys will just get bigger and small sites like ours will die or not even get started in the first place.

I'm a gamer and gaming just has gone down hill over the past few years due to various issues including a influx of toxic players (many younger who weren't even alive when I started). I joined an older gamer guild and we all yell at the kids to get off our lawn. this site just might not be for you anymore but I know it's hard to let go.

If you're letting certain individuals get to you then it's simply not worth it.

and the chatters who are here often that make it fun.i've been here about 2 1/2 years now. from time to time i've pondered a few things about this place.

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