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In the Heartthrob case, I hurled myself head first into a difficult situation, telling myself it will be worth it for the opportunity to get to know an interesting and very smart person who shares many of my interests--poetry, experimental music, fiction, theater, classic movies.

(And for the opportunity to have hot hot sex with him! I wasn't thinking of the pain, and the havoc the situation might wreck on my emotional stability. If I'd told myself I was going to hold off a full two months before getting horizontal with Mr. Instead, because I didn't have a rule in mind, I let my sexual urges override my common sense.

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I think I've had my fill of short-term relationship experience.

Now, I'm ready to wait till something more serious comes along.

No one would choose to be in a relationship with a narcissist.

What usually happens is that we make the choice subconsciously.

That is why we are attracted to narcissists or to people who do not seem to care about our needs.

Their behaviour seems ‘normal’ to us because it’s just like our parent’s behaviour, so it doesn’t raise any red flags.

So eventually, I decided, eh, what the hell, I'd give in to his demands! Studies have shown that the bonding hormone, oxytocin, gets released in both men and women when they're touching, holding hands, kissing or snuggling.

But oxytocin INCREASES in women after sex, while DECREASING in men, post-ejaculation. Now, I'm the type of person who feels connected to my check-out guy at Trader Joe's after a two-minute conversation about almond butter.

But it felt so right--and he was so willing to wait, and so sweet about doing whatever I wanted to do--that I didn't question it at all.

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