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It's nice to see you taking the lead on planning a second date. Go to the game on your own with other people and do something with him either later or another day.

I wish more women would have that attitude instead of leaving every dating decision up to the man. I can't stand hockey, but I know from experience if you tell that to a hockey fan they get super defensive.

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I asked him what he wanted to do for a second date and he wasn't really sure, maybe some drinks? I really don't get why the guy would be like, maybe drinks.

We can still do drinks after that game, I just truly adore going to sporting events like this. Why the hell not go to the game AND THEN go get drinks?

If he doesn't want to go, i'll be more than happy to fly up as long as it doesn't interfere with my team's playoff games. :)I guess I was thinking the faux pas would be me going ahead and planning the date instead of giving him the chance to. Perhaps he's trying to avoid that by being non committal.

I did ask him again last night, and his reply was that he wasn't sure, maybe drinks again. Tell him you got a super deal and you’d like him to come along. Well Angie, that is kind of a hard question to answer, there is no correct answer to give you, the reason why I say that is it depends on the guy if he is interested in you and you ask him he might be inclined to go because this way he can spend time with you, the problem being is if he doesn't like hockey he would be bored to tears and that's no good either.

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Then tell him you're going to the hockey game and to call you when he wants to go out for drinks. Asking him what he wants to do for a second date when you’ve already got the tickets and want him to come isn’t giving him the information he needs. He might think you're a take charge type of woman and it maybe a blow to his ego and that isn't good either, but then if you dont ask you will never know?

If he's interested, he'll undergo a last minute conversion to hockey fan. I would ask him in a roundabout way how does he feel about the sport, live games etc and depending on the answer you may or may not ask him.

If not, then he's not interested enough to meet for drinks either.^^^^^Exactly I'm a huge hockey fan too and I've asked men to games before.

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