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Translated to this, the internet or social media age the phrase 'social capital' has gained currency with some commentators supporting this concept.The rise of loneliness, what it is actually, who suffers from and its links with the internet and social media is beginning to be researched by some government agencies.Whether as a solution to the problem or a contributor the discussion, it is related to the internet and social media as the web becomes more and more part of the fabric of daily life.

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Humans must tangle with each other, you know, and explore new horizons.

That is where the internet dating helps but I've put off my trip to Thailand for too long. I'm off in the new year and I'm really looking forward to it.' Carla Boonkong, a researcher and magazine writer in Bangkok, who has studied extensively the phenomenon of Thai woman marrying Europeans men including UK men.

Paul's son, who lives in Liverpool, runs a successful trucking company and as the years have gone by, his son has become closer to him.

'I think men and women, if they are lonely have to do something and look at different ways of living.

Money can't buy you love but controversially, in today's world, maybe it can. The links between money, love, loneliness and the attraction between western lonely hearts and Thai women throws up some interesting findings.

What is not in doubt however, is that a dramatic shift in society all over the world means loneliness is an issue to be confronted.In 2010, Paul joined Thai Love Lines.com, Thailand's popular dating site with the idea that he would like to meet some friends from the opposite sex. Like it was only something I'd seen on the Sunday papers.I wasn't sure I would ever go, my friends were laughing at me, it's only now that I'm off to Thailand.' Paul will spend four weeks in Thailand in February 2016. The idea for joining the dating website in Thailand was that I thought maybe I could find someone, I did think my wife would want me to, you see, find a new partner.Now I think it might as well be a new life altogether.I feel a man or women must have someone in their lives from the opposite sex, it's only a natural thing isn't it.' Paul tells us that the friends he has made online have made him think more openly and broadened his horizons.At this point in time, there is an unease about where this storyline ends.

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