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We meet before the singer brings her Metals tour to the UK, beginning at the Royal Albert Hall this weekend.

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In 2010, producer and director Anthony Seck released Look At What the Light Did Now, an enthralling, much acclaimed portrait of Canuck singer Leslie Feist and the fellow restless creatives who helped make her 2007 album, The Reminder, so artistically rich.

As the film records, it was when Apple opted to use the playful single "1234" in an i Pod Nano ad that The Reminder went stratospheric.

The net result was the kind of cross-cultural appeal that only happenstance can bestow.

Soon, Feist guested on Sesame Street, helping sundry Muppets teach children how to count.

"It is," smiles the singer, but she's a little wary and changes tack: "You know, the other day I was at the airport.

My boots were ripped to shreds and I was getting them shined.

Her uncle Dan Achen, a producer and musician himself, taught her about the music business and helped her make her first demo."My grandma had a gold disc by his band [Junkhouse] hanging on her wall," she says. When I was a little bit older I was able to climb aboard their tour bus while they were hot-boxing [smoking joints with the windows rolled up].

After I moved to Toronto, my uncle showed up at this residency I had where I was playing to about 12 people.

When she was seven, her mother would drop her at the local community library at 10am, then pick her up again at 4pm.

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