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Martha was the first major companion of color on had its share of racism problems with Martha—for example, when Martha and the Doctor land in 1599 in “The Shakespeare Code”, Martha asks the Doctor if she’d be all right walking about London.

Freema Agyeman, Martha’s actress, has said that young black children write to her and say that they want to be like her when they grow up.

He connected with Tiger because he was "gorgeous, he had great legs, and he was well-endowed." The student at Lindenwood University in the St. Charles quickly recognized that in real life, Tiger Mandingo was also a student at his school: Michael Johnson, a recent transfer student on Lindenwood's wrestling team.

There’s a lot of opinionated posts out there on Martha Jones.

Some people think that she was the worst out of all of Ten’s companions, and some people think she was drastically underrated, but almost all the opinions on Martha center around her race.

Other bloggers then took up arms to claim that if so, the statement was inconceivably racist of Joan, a character who the Doctor loved and who must therefore be a good person.

The problem is, Joan lived in a culture where overt racist comments, such as the one made by schoolboy Jeremy Baines to Martha earlier in the episode, were most likely quite common.

The Doctor’s attitude towards racism is basically one gigantic “I’m not racist, but…” preface.

Doctor, please, that doesn’t actually excuse any of your actions.

” Here Shakespeare is using “blackamoor”, an accepted term at the time, to describe Martha.

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