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It was established at the German Institute for Human Rights coordinated by Nina Althoff and Sera Choi from January 2009 until December 2011.

The goal of the project was to strengthen associations in enforcing non-discrimination rights and thereby promoting a culture of non-discrimination and human rights in Germany.

The Online Handbook was created in the context of the project "Non-discrimination: Competencies for Associations".

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The project supported associations in fostering their practical competencies through consultation, by providing information and offering educational trainings, so as to enable them to utilize court and complaint mechanisms.

This also to promote their awareness of the socio-political task in the protection against discrimination and to strengthen their self-conception as being anti-discrimination associations.

Due, to lack of conscience and know-how only few associations take the measure available in the justice system.

Even though many of them have been active in the field for several years and a growing professionalization and specialization can be observed since the German Equal Treatment Act (AGG) was introduced, there are few associations that follow a clear anti-discrimination line.

Since 2012 we also offer sign language video-clips.

In addition the website offers free subscription to a monthly newsletter, press-releases and a synopsis of new publications by the CRPD National Monitoring Body.

The forum offers exchange with others working in the same field and provides for discussions on recent and current developments in non-discrimination issues, for example in terms of political or legal alterations.

Users can create an own profile, look up other members and connect with them.

The knowledge of and conscience for non-discrimination rights, as well as the means of their application are the key to an effective protection from discrimination.

In this respect associations play an important role.

Only an effective protection from discrimination can ensure that human rights are not only reduced to being the privileges of an “advantaged” group.

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