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I know how horrible it is and I hope that it is merely a glitch in our minds. I've had this experience too recently i had this twice and I'm 20 so my first time was about a month ago and it happen to me in a afternoon nap.

i guess i was dreaming but i saw my curtains in my room moving and something or someone grabbed my arm and i couldn't move and talk, i felt numb and terrified.t i tried screaming for my brother or any little movements like slamming the wall but i couldn't do then i woke up and felt fine but was so scared and next night nothing happen.

I think if you just accept it for what it is, you will take away the fear and power that it has over you.

That's what I've done and I notice that it happens a lot less frequently now, and when it does happen I just kind of go with the flow, and try to not let it bother me.

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Seems a lot of people are having the same experiences or at least very close to what I have had.

My sister has had this happen to her only 2 times but i have had it happen since i can remeber.

It reoccurs over time sometimes more then once in a night where I am scared to sleep or couple times a week or once in a few months or even a year or so will pass and then I will have it again.

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I have these dreams really often, its like im just after going asleep and i awake up and im in my room i cant move my arms or legs sometimes i can move my toes and fingers i cannot talk or scream no matter how much i try..

my body rises up into the air and moves around then it just drops sometimes onto my bed or on my floor, i just keep trying to make my self wake up as this is happening and trying to scream..

Take as much control of it as you can and hang in there. I am sort of relieved in reading your story because I have the same exact dream and it has me afraid to sleep. It's as though something crawls into my bed and weighs heavy upon me, restraining me.

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