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(via) Plenty of things happen on TV that I, a human of the real world, would be way uncomfortable with.For example, being expected to walk away from burning things without looking behind me at least once, otherwise known as, “not happening.” But nothing is a better example of this than the absolutely inappropriate relationships that always seem to exist between TV show teachers and their students.While sexual harassment is legally defined as "unwanted" behavior, it has been argued that even consensual sexual interactions between students and teachers constitute harassment because the inherent power differential creates a dynamic in which "mutual consent" is impossible.

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She said: "This resulted in sexual acts being recorded on a cameraphone by a pupil. "This clearly unacceptable behaviour between two teaching profession on school property during educational time." School attendance offcial Susan Lewis told the hearing she she witnessed the pair kissing in Mr Daniels' office.

She said: "I could see into the headteachers office from my desk.

17-27, in the forward-thinking Next category, and stars pretty, fresh-faced Lindsay Burdge as a Texas high school teacher who begins a relationship with her student, played by Will Brittain.

Check out this exclusive trailer for the movie, below.

“I did do some research on the psychological profiles of women who end up having sex with their students, but I can’t emphasize enough that no one particular story was the basis for the film.

While writing, I spent a few days in a high school classroom, observing some friends who are teachers just as a way to remember how teachers and their students interact.Burdge blushes like, well, a teenager, Brittain struts around and tells her, “Take off your clothes,” and then things take a turn to the obsessive side.Bad Both Burdge and Fidell reflected about school and sexuality to EW, and that fine line between a harmless crush, and dangerously acting on it.“I read case studies of teachers who’d had affairs and gotten away with it, which was great for looking at the underlying psychology of these women and the specific trajectory of a student-teacher relationship,” Burdge said.“When I think back on my years in school, it’s the classes that were just a little sexy that I remember the best.The hearing in Cardiff is continuing and is due to last three days.

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