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The exhibit features North American river otters and provides an otter’s-eye view of their watershed homes.

Watersheds — lands that drain water toward rivers, estuaries and the sea — are important to people and myriad wildlife, including river otters, their prey and many animals from land to the coastal oceans where Mote Marine Laboratory scientists carry out their research.

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We are otterly ecstatic to welcome Huck, Pippi and Jane into the Mote family!

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Purchase tickets to visit Huck, Jane and Pippi here.

This exhibit is made possible thanks to exhibit sponsors Alfred Goldstein & Jean Weidner Goldstein, Jane Graham Hyslop, James & Pati Ericson, Howard & Nancy Cobin, New Amsterdam Charitable Foundation, PNC Wealth Management, BMO Harris Bank, PGT Industries, Wohlers Family Foundation and Herald-Tribune Media Group.

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