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) and want her to be happily coupled, and if she does find a non-black man who turns out to be the best for the job, I don’t think they’d begrudge her.

It just sucks that the initial, knee-jerk reaction to such endeavors is more often than not an unwelcome and discouraging response from the people closest to you.

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Or where I happily see a pretty Asian woman with friend of mine, many Asian men see still more evidence that they’re just backup material for pretty Asian girls.

And these aren’t just stereotypes, they’re actually borne out in the statistics: As a white guy of English and German descent married to a woman of mostly English descent, my only claim to expertise on this is having worked for a few years in the online dating industry.

But in aggregate, interracial marriage tends to leave certain groups behind.

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By now you’ve heard that I’m coaching adorable radio and television personality, Jacque Reid.

We announced the endeavor, coordinated with the help of Interracial Dating, in her quest to find a quality man, regardless of race.But if you’re an Asian guy or a black woman and you see this dynamic play out in 75% of interracial cases year after year, it’s going to be difficult to fight a feeling of scarcity and resentment.That’s why I’m conflicted about interracial marriage. I think it’s great for the couple and for racial relations, and certainly the answer isn’t to discourage couples who are in love. And in theory, every interracial marriage breaks down cultural barriers in society just that much more, making our world a more peaceful place. But my second thought is, white privilege means that many of us tend to oversimplify racial issues.For example, where I might celebrate a friend of mine marrying an African-American man, many black women look at the same couple and see just another successful black man marrying out of the black community by “landing” a white woman.And now I’m encountered with yet ANOTHER beautiful, accomplished, kind, adorable, fit, successful, intelligent and classy black woman whom *some* in the black community would rather see wither on the vine or potentially paired up with less-than-desireable men so not on their level that they reside in separate orbit.

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