Dating the enemy part6 rar

* The hidden solution to ALL fears of approaching women * And more...

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To be honest, I don’t even want you to know what I COULD have charged for this.

Let’s just say if I’d have put the price in the five-figure range, the massive interest surrounding The Blueprint would have led to mass sales, and a huge payday for everyone at RSD.

This is a vast reference library of the most advanced pickup theory in existence… Think of it like a massive atomic bomb you can use to destroy any last shred of incompetence you have, getting you to that sick level of elite success with women…

in dramatic and rapid leaps that will leave you breathless.

* How to stay "in the running" with a woman for as long as necessary * And more...

See the complete contents of DISC #5 DISC 6 * The 3 Parts of Effective Rapport * How women interpret your social skills and what they mean to her * What women want to feel about your conversation to "click" with you * The 4 qualities of Synchronicity * 4 POWERFUL Connection and Comfort Tools * Carlos' 9 DEEP CONNECTION strategies for melting any woman * What every conversation with a woman has that builds rapport * How to use the "Emotional Weather Report" to change a woman's state * 10 of Carlos' Essential Techniques for Establishing Unbreakable rapport * The 15 Minute technique for developing your rapport skills with anyone * The 2 BIG Relationship mistakes that most guys make - and how to avoid them * The 2 needs men and women have in a relationship * The 3 Essential emotional skills you need for any relationship * The 6 principle skills for handling and winning every argument you have * Carlos' 4 Arts to keeping a relationship going and staying on top * The 3 DON'TS of Relationship Management * The exercise you MUST do to determine the best woman for you * How much time management is OVERKILL - and what you really need * The 3 Universal tools for organization and time management * The 7 Basic principles of money management * And more... : _ The Blueprint Decoded WILL Unlock The Full Attractive Potential Of Your Authentic Core Look, this is it. The real enemy is that part of yourself that keeps throwing obstacles in your path. The price is insanely low, we have eliminated ALL RISK from the decision – and grabbing yourself a copy of this program will take mere moments.The real enemy is that part of yourself that keeps thinking up reasons why you should “put off” doing what it takes to get this handled once and for all. We’ve taken the risk out of this so you can just do it, right now. The lessons are layered visually, audibly, and kinesthetically to create lasting change... * The most important skill of an Alpha Man's Inner Game - how to develop it with examples * The "permission" that you are giving away too much * How you create your self-image and self-esteem - the 2 elements * Inner Dialogue Exercise - how to manage your thinking and interpretation to get the results you want * How your anxiety starts - and how to short-circuit the fear * How to break down and destroy your fear of approaching women * The 3 Essential Alpha Questions that define your life * How to use the 3 Essential Questions to re-frame any experience * How to use of Occam's Razor in getting rid of perceived "failures" * Use the Tiger's Mouth to command respect from everyone in your life * Carlos' 3 Rules of Respect with women * And more... Remember – each time you watch this program it will hit you on a deeper level.

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