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I don't know what you're using for a mandolin, but if it's an archtop instrument you can get a really superb mandolin pickup from First Quality Musical Supplies ( It's the LR Baggs mandolin pickup, and it's the best-sounding mandolin pickup I've found, by quite a stretch.I've got them on my two main performing mandolins, and run them through a Baggs Para-Acoustic DI for a preamp.One more thought: another possibility would be to find a used Ovation or Applause mandolin: all of these that I have seen have been acoustic-electric. If you're going for the "loud acoustic," I'd agree with what's already been said: add a pickup to your current mando.

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It's basically Fender's riff on the Rigel design, made for them by a Korean subcontractor (probably Samick.) I'm going for an amplified sound. One that I HAVE tried onstage, and owned briefly, is the cheapo Fender electric mandolin.

I forget the model number, but it's the standard plywood A model with a magnetic pickup on it.

The Baggs pickup will entail installing it on an existing instrument, and making sure it's set-up properly.

That might make it more hassle than you want, but the advantage is that you can transfer it to another instrument in the future if you so choose.

George Gleason hollowbody mandolin with piezo pickup.

I've played one, briefly, in a music store in Victoria, Canada. I haven't used one onstage, however, so can't really comment on how it would behave under true stress conditions.

The Weber Bitterroot mandolin is an exquisite traditional, minimalist mandolin with bluegrass muscle of the tone-bar braced and aged Sitka top.

The Weber Yellowstone Mandolin will always hold its own as a graceful bluegrass powerhouse.

The Weber Diamondback mandolin offers all the tradition and power of the Yellowstone mandolin with a double-cutaway fingerboard, a red spruce top, ivory binding, gold hardware, our fern inlay, and a gorgeous distressed satin finish.

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