Dating ex boyfriends cousin

" This is the status I was greeted with this week on the Facebook page of one of my dear girlfriends.

My knee-jerk response was "Duh, who wouldn't be pissed?

I posted a topic yesterday about how my boyfriend has been a little short with me lately; he and I sat down and had a talk.

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You become the desired woman because you are nice, comforting and easy to talk to.

You are making the cousin feel better, so he develops feelings.

The fuller prohibition has come partly from a desire to keep as far as possible away from something that is spoken of with such serious warning in scripture. As our society has become more numerous and diverse, it has become more repulsive to us to marry close to family. Cousins usually share a common set of grandparents (though it can be only one grandparent) and one-half of the genetic pool.

It has also become a joke to put down those who were considered to be from the sticks--that is, rural folks who did not know any better. Second cousins usually share a common set of great-grandparents and one-fourth of the genetic pool.

And because they are familiar with all the dirt on him, they wouldn't touch him.

However, if you and your ex didn't work out just because you just weren't right for each other and there was no real drama involved, what's the harm if your current girlfriend and someone you once loved end up together?His cousins never made any moves or indication to me, so even if he has a crush, he's respected the line.By entering this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.You need to weigh the value of your friendship with the woman vs.the amount of love, commitment and investment you had in your relationship with your ex-boyfriend.You could even introduce him to another girl or make suggestions of which dating sites he should go on to find another girl when he is ready. To divert the topic, he brought this issue up (not saying this issue is made up but its not the actual reason)2. Either this cousin would have got a punch in the face, or both these two had discussion. He was suspecting it, and said something off hand to his cousin, and then his cousins brother confirmed it. I'm not really worried my boyfriend will be angry with me, but we see his cousin a lot, and his cousin and him are close, and I don't want their relationship to get messed up.

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