Dating effeminate

Also, there is the common condition of our despising in others what we hate about ourselves. Many, many people who are secure in their own sexual identity are still bothered by effeminate men, and to a lesser degree, by masculine women. It is certainly one worth exploring in our ministry.Effeminacy in men and masculinity in women are without doubt associated with homosexuality.

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It will not come naturally if we carry extreme opposite sex characteristics or mannerisms.

The second reason why I believe that the elimination of these characteristics is good is rooted in God's word.

Ironically, I can understand why they feel this way. He is drawn -- perhaps too powerfully -- to the masculine.

The deficit in maleness he feels in himself expresses itself in the craving for or excessive attraction to the maleness of other men.

Certainly not all homosexual people give evidence of these characteristics, and many effeminate men and masculine women are not homosexual, but the traits are common enough to create almost universally recognized stereotypes.

Homosexuals use these characteristics to identify each other, and more often than they should, heterosexuals suspect homosexuality when they encounter an effeminate man or a masculine woman.These seemingly arbitrary differences might be compared to manners -- prescribed forms of behavior that are most often arbitrary.But manners are adopted by a people in a culture for two important reasons.The graceful, precisely dressed man whose words are spoken with a slightly different emphasis and tone conveys the "nellie" gay man.Interestingly, as much as effeminacy in men and masculinity in women is something we encounter regularly in our ministries, it is something rarely dealt with directly.In part this may be due to the fact that many of us have simply not thought it through.

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