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The ghosting period is when you haven’t heard from the person you’ve been seeing in a day or two, so you start texting and trying to get a hold of them,” Bizzoco tells FOX News.

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“Singles want to be with a partner during this part of the year.

They actually want to be tied down and attached so they can spend time in that manner,” says Bizzoco.

Its main picture shows a man wearing a backwards red “Trump” cap being hugged from behind by a woman wearing a pink “make America great again” hat.

The site touts 100% free registration but only allows “straight” men and women to join.Breadcrumbing occurs when someone is sending your flirtatious text messages or showing their admiration or affection on social media through likes, comments and direct messages.However, they’re not really asking you out on a date — or maybe they are, but plans are never set in stone, and often get canceled.Bizzoco explains that slow fading is when a relationship is going really well and the natural next step is to take it to the next level — e.g, move in together, meet the parents, go on vacation, etc.“Instead of your partner communicating that the relationship is moving too fast, they slowly reduce the amount of communication until eventually, you're not talking anymore.” You know it's a slow fade when they stop being as responsive to texts or calls, or when they cancel plans and don't make new ones at all.In essence, they’re just leading you on, says Bizzoco.

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