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The macro checks to make sure that something is actually being entered into column B.If so, then the t Cell variable is set to the corresponding cell in column A.Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) Dim r Int As Range Dim r Cell As Range Dim t Cell As Range Set r Int = Intersect(Target, Range("B: B")) If Not r Int Is Nothing Then For Each r Cell In r Int Set t Cell = r Cell.

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In other words, the formula references the cell in which the formula is placed.

(In this case, the formula goes into cell A2 and also references cell A2.) To make this formula work properly, you need to follow these steps: Now, whenever you put something into cell B2, the time is entered automatically into cell A2.

Donna needs to keep a log of activity that occurred throughout the day at her dispatch center.

When a call comes in over the radio she needs to document who, what, why, etc.

If nothing is already in that cell, then the current date and time is placed there.

If you just want the time, then change the innermost part of the macro to this: Allen Wyatt With more than 50 non-fiction books and numerous magazine articles to his credit, Allen Wyatt is an internationally recognized author.

Number Format = "mmm d, yyyy hh:mm" End If Next End If End Sub To set up the macro, right-click on the worksheet tab and choose View Code.

You can then place the macro into the code window that is displayed.

However, the time is only put there if cell A2 was previously blank.

If it wasn't (meaning it already contained a time), then the current contents of cell A2 remain in place.

This means that the time shown in the column A cell containing this formula will always be changing; it won't be a true time stamp.

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