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It prevents problems with popup menus on some # configurations.

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By default, Android Studio has a maximum heap size of 1280MB.

If you are working on a large project, or your system has a lot of RAM, you can improve performance by increasing the maximum heap size in the VM options for Android Studio.

#--------------------------------------------------------------------- default.editor=false #--------------------------------------------------------------------- # Disabling this property may lead to visual glitches like blinking and fail to repaint # on certain display adapter cards.

#--------------------------------------------------------------------- sun.java2d.noddraw=true #--------------------------------------------------------------------- # Removing this property may lead to editor performance degradation under Windows.

You can upgrade the client on Windows computers using client installation methods or the automatic client upgrade features in Configuration Manager.

The following client installation methods are valid ways to upgrade client software on Windows computers: Tip If you are upgrading your server infrastructure from a previous version of Configuration Manager (such as Configuration Manager 2007 or System Center 2012 Configuration Manager), we recommend that you complete the server upgrades including installing all current branch updates, before upgrading the Configuration Manager clients.Use the following procedure to configure automatic client upgrade.Automatic client upgrade must be configured at a central administration site and this configuration applies to all clients in your hierarchy.The name of the folder depends on your Studio version.For example, Android Studio 2.2 has the folder name file, override only the attributes you care about and allow Android Studio to continue using default values for any attributes you have not changed.If you use AUTO for the SMSSITECODE, you must also specify SITEREASSIGN=TRUE to allow automatic site reassignment to occur during upgrade. You can also configure Configuration Manager to automatically upgrade the client software to the latest Configuration Manager client version when Configuration Manager identifies that a client that is assigned to the Configuration Manager hierarchy is lower than the version used in the hierarchy.

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