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Open shoot for female models both with and without experience. (Boise / Garden City / Nampa) Company seeking 3 girls that can represent a company at an event being held in the Treasure Valley.

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This can lead to working with this company on HUGE SUNDANCE projects.

We have had many of our talent make great connections, meet Movie Stars, Rich and Famous People etc. Las Vegas-Film -many Roles kids and adults get in with casting!


I just received a preliminary casting breakdown for a new Mormon Youth Message on bullying.

If you could please take a look at the breakdown and submit all candidates by Tuesday evening, I would greatly appreciate it!

Actors with the right look will be invited to audition with the actual material. Roles: PAUL – Male to play 17 years old; Lead; Any Ethnicity; Begins the piece as a bully, but then shows a change of heart; Speaking Role JESSICA – Female to play 12-13 years old; Lead; Paul’s Little Sister; Any Ethnicity; Introvert; Visibly shaken by bullying text and FB messages directed towards her; Must be able to cry on cue; Speaking Role RACHEL – Female to play 17 years old; Overweight; Any Ethnicity; Remains emotionless through the piece until we see tears filling her eyes in response to an act of kindness; Non-Speaking Role TREY – Male to play 17 years old; Paul’s Friend; Any Ethnicity; Bully; Speaking Role JACKSON – Male to play 17 years old; Any Ethnicity; Bully; Speaking Role ASHLEY – Female to play 17 years old; Any Ethnicity; Bully; Non-Speaking Role KINSEY – Female to play 16 years old; Any Ethnicity; Bully; Non-Speaking Role CHRISTINE – Female to play 15-16 years old; Any Ethnicity; Stands up for Rachel Las Vegas-Pay Female model speaking Nat Geo looking for model for one-day shoot (Las Vegas) National Geographic needs a high-energy model for a one-day TV shoot!

Many of these roles require some great actors, so I’m coming to you first.

All roles are paid, and all talent must be active LDS living a temple-worthy life.

This is a independent venture and financially supported mostly by the director and some donators. If chosen, you will receive a copy of the finished work and your name properly credited.

ALL ACTORS – if you want to be considered for the casting call – LAS VEGAS ~ PHOTO SHOOT #CASTING ~ PAY PHOTOS!

Harking back to the scenario which set the stage for the rise of the Third Reich, one can clearly observe similar societal ills and influences between early 20th century Germany and today’s America.

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