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Our larger guests may experience difficulty on Blue Streak, Corkscrew, Gate Keeper, Rougarou, Maverick, ma Xair, Millennium Force, Mine Ride, Power Tower, Raptor, Skyhawk, Top Thrill Dragster, Wave Swinger, Wicked Twister and Wind Seeker.

Maximum recommended weight limits are posted on many rides including Camp Snoopy rides, Monster, Planet Snoopy rides, Scrambler, Super Himalaya, Troika, Wave Swinger, Wind Seeker, Professor Delbert's Frontier Fling and most Cedar Point Shores attractions.

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Are you ready to discover a single person with similar values and desires? Are you a Cedar Point single looking to meet a single Asian woman for your heart's desire?Or do you just want a new friend to go to a neighborhood festival with this weekend?Blue Streak 48" Cedar Creek Mine Ride 48" Corkscrew 48" Gate Keeper 52" (up to 78") Gemini 48" Iron Dragon 48" Magnum XL-200 48" Maverick 52" (up to 78") Millennium Force 48" (up to 78") Pipe Scream 48" (42-48" with supervising companion) Raptor 54" Rougarou 54" (up to 78") Top Thrill Dragster 52" (up to 78") Valravn 52" Wicked Twister 52" (up to 78") Wilderness Run 36" (over 54" with child) Woodstock Express 48" (36-48" with supervising companion) Cedar Downs Racing Derby 48" Dodgem 48" (42-48" with supervising companion) Matterhorn 46" (42-46" with supervising companion) ma Xair 52" Monster 46" & under with supervising companion Ocean Motion 48" (39-48" with supervising companion) Power Tower 52" Prof.Delbert's Frontier Fling 48" Scrambler 48" (36-48" with supervising companion) Skyhawk 48" Sling Shot 48" (up to 79") Super Himalaya 52" & under with supervising companion Tiki Twirl 46" & under with supervising companion Troika 54" (42-54" with supervising companion) Wave Swinger 48" Wind Seeker 52" Witches' Wheel 54" Dune Buggies (up to 54") Helicopters (up to 54") Joe Cool's Dodgem School 35" (up to 54") Kite Eating Tree 36" (up to 54") Motorcycles 39" (up to 54") Mustangs (up to 54") Police Cars (up to 54") Red Baron 36" (up to 54") Rock, Spin and Turn (up to 54") Roto Whip (up to 54") Sky Fighters (up to 54") Snoopy Bounce 36" (up to 54") Snoopy's Space Race 36" (up to 54") Space Age (up to 54") Woodstock's Airmail 36" (up to 54") There are weight limits posted for several rides.A supervising companion is someone who meets all the requirements to ride the ride themselves, is 14 years of age or older and demonstrates appropriate observed behavior*.

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