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The likelihood of sapphire appearing on the i Phone 6 was close to zero because it will probably take at least another year for everything to come together.It is important to note that sapphire has some downsides over and above its much higher cost and manufacturing complexity.We take display quality very seriously and provide in-depth objective analysis based on detailed laboratory tests and measurements and extensive viewing tests with both test patterns, test images and test photos.

Interesting, but they really dont mean much because it is the Lab tests that determine whether they actually improve display performance or are just sales and marketing puffery. In either case, it is significant that Apple wants everyone to know that display performance is important, and that they have been working to improve the displays on the new i Phones And they did!

The use of sapphire to make the i Phone screens scratch proof was one of the most talked about rumors over past year as a result of Apples $578M investment with GT Advanced Technologies to build a factory in Arizona.

While the display on the , it only has a 1.0 Mega Pixel display, significantly lower than the 2.1 pixels on the i Phone 6 Plus, and the 2.1 to 3.7 Mega Pixels found on all of the other leading Smartphones.

While its 326 ppi and 1334x750 resolution qualifies it as an HD Retina display, there are a number of other significant advantages for going to higher resolutions that exceed the limits set by normal 20/20 Vision.

You can also skip these Highlights and go directly to the i Phone Conclusions.

Both the i Phone 6 and 6 Plus are what Apple calls Retina displays, which simply means that the pixels cannot be resolved with normal 20/20 Vision at the typical viewing distances for the displays, which for these screen sizes is typically 11 inches or more.

Others may find the scratch protection more important.

we ran our in-depth series of Mobile Display Technology Shoot-Out Lab tests and measurements in order to determine how the latest LCD displays have improved.

Their most famous and aggressive innovation came with the introduction of the Retina display in 2010 for the i Phone 4, where Apple doubled the pixel resolution and Pixels Per Inch (ppi) up to where the screen appeared perfectly sharp for normal 20/20 Vision at typical Smartphone viewing distances of 10.5 inches or more.

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