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On November 9, two days after Donald Trump won the presidential election, a third-party app analyst reported Signal on i OS had grown 70% in a single quarter, as it broke the top 50 most downloaded apps.

(It’s since dropped lower again.)One potential explanation?

But if they don’t work hand-in-hand–like by introducing only new features and experiences that are inherently private–the intent doesn’t really matter. [and] exceeding the user expectations, I can’t think of a more deserving area than that user’s privacy,” says Reinhard.

Because a product will ultimately ship with vulnerabilities.“If the designer’s role is delighting the user . “That’s the mentality we approach it with.”Signal apps have been around since 2015.

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Technically, both might have a user’s interests at heart.

At most companies, designers work separately from the privacy team.

Companies like Facebook have unlimited resources to invest into their products and create new features (even if Facebook has the opposite goals and relies upon your personal data as part of its business plan). Their Android app has been upgraded with stickers and a Snapchat-like sketching feature, and while Reinhard prefers not to share Signal’s product road map, it’s easy to assume there’s more where that came from. It’s a technological challenge that needs to work at the deepest levels of encryption, without your data stored on servers–because with one misstep, Signal becomes vulnerable to the same fate as Whats App, which was recently reported to have a loophole to its encryption accessible by Facebook, the government, and other entities.“We have to think about [privacy] first, which means we can’t grab things other people have done and stick them into our pocket–which is the model other big companies use.

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