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I love my city, becouse it is very beautiful and cosy.I am very cheerful person and loving the nature, that's why I like to walk on these parks very much.

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I have no boyfriend much time and one day I walk on the street and saw an the announcement, where have been written, what they can help to find soulmate!

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I even do not know what do I have to write to you, because I am a newer in this type of searching people.

It was very pleasant for me, that you did not ignore my request to write to me, I am very happy.At that time it was a real shock for a young promising girl like me.He helped to me to replace the password and now all by way of.I studied english at university and consequently I know it well, but only I can write in english with mistakes.And it is correct, in fact we should learn each other more close.Now you my first Internet friend:) Speaking under the truth I very much excitation, as I make it for the first time (correspondence on the Internet).

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