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By the end of the play, each character has a clearer idea of the road ahead. For example: Sava is an ex-forced labourer who was transported from Yugoslavia to Germany.

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Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow yourself time to prepare for your audition and to complete an audition form.

We recommend you wear loose comfortable clothing and bring water.

Please feel free to interpret this excerpt in any way you wish.

b) Be prepared to play around with the piece during your audition.

A group of southern European migrants, some political refugees, others economic, wait on tenterhooks in a migrant camp, as they wait to be placed in employment during the winter of 1952.

It is set against the background of a riot by the Italian migrants in which they burnt buildings down, triggering the army to send in tanks with machineguns.

c) Be prepared to read another excerpt from the play which you won’t see until the day.

You will have an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the text before reading it to the Director.

But then Martin lets slip a dark secret; one that is revealed to his family, and subsequently tears them apart. A journalist, so has the charm and wit of a TV personality. Rehearsals: Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, 7pm-10pm & Sunday afternoons, 12 noon to 5pm from Sunday 27 May.

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