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Atacama Desert is one of our pre- and post-programs, which allows you to stay even longer in your favorite destinations.This is the itinerary for the tour in Chile: Start the tour with a transfer from your hotel in Santiago de Chile to the airport with a morning flight to Calama.

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Earthquakes are accompanied by coseismic and post-seismic rebound: blocks of crust on either side of the fault spring back to their initial, undeformed configuration.

This rebound is well documented by space geodetic data, such as the Global Positioning System.

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Few archeological sites in South America contain uncontroversial evidence for when the first peopling of the continent occurred.

Largely ignored in this debate, extreme environments are assumed either as barriers to this early wave of migration or without potential for past habitability.

Here, we report on a rare 12–13 ka human occupation from Quebrada Maní (site QM12), a plantless, near rainless landscape (1240 m asl and 85 km from the Pacific Ocean) located in the hyperarid core of the Atacama Desert.Clear evidence for dramatic orbital-scale climate change includes the large ice sheets that covered the northern portions of North America and Europe just 20,000 years ago.Climate, however, can also change on much shorter time scales, over decades, centuries, or millennia, for a wide variety of reasons.As you would expect, the rate and nature of geomorphic processes also respond to climate change.For example, if an arid region becomes wetter, the rates of chemical weathering may increase or flash floods may occur more frequently.Although deformation of the deep crust may be predominantly elastic, we conclude that modelling of the earthquake cycle should also include a significant plastic component.

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