Are attractive black women intimidating

White men fear this stereotype so much (and fear they won’t measure up to it) that they often won’t bother approaching black women. Swagger in this case is code for BIG OLE MANDINGO DICK SO GINORMOUS HE CAN’T WALK WITHOUT STRUTTING. Make sure your game is on point (that is what this website is for, isn’t it? Get very comfortable approaching with that confidence.

And to be sure, the very woman that the PUA “Pick Up Artist” suggests is a good prospect IS a girl like “La Shaun,” and she’s not checking for swagger as her first indicator of a high-value man.

In essence, the author is giving the right advice for the WRONG type of black woman.

You’re giving huge swaths of white guys advice on how to date ‘Shoshiquanna.’ Kayla, Christelyn, Brenda, Sylvia and all the other black women I know who have “regular” names who come from middle to upper middle class backgrounds (again, the kind of black woman you guys want to date) are not looking for those qualities in a mate. But he has……..(redacted) what it takes to get the job done (mercy)…..

Like most sensible women, they’re looking for someone who can connect with them emotionally and intellectually, can carry himself well, has a good sense of humor, is gainfully employed, and most importantly, thinks we’re amazing.

I recently ran across a post from a “Pick Up Artist” site by an expert giving advice to non-black men on how to date black women.

It was interesting to sneak a peek into the male mind, and what things they are thinking about us.

There is very little tolerance in the black community for shy guys, far less than you will find in other groups.

Here’s how the problem of black women being judged as a monolith gets so damn annoying.

This isn't to say that women shouldn't earn Ph Ds, or become CEOs, or generally strive to achieve traditionally masculine goals.

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